Bee Gees - You Win Again

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I couldn't figure why You couldn't give me what everybody needs I shouldn't let you kick me when I'm down My baby I find out everybody know that You've been using me I'm surprised you Let me stay around you One day I'm gonna lift the cover And look inside your heart We gotta level before we go And tear this love apart (CHORUS) There's no fight you can't fight This battle of love with me You win again So little time We do nothing but compete There's no life on earth No other could see me through You win again Some never try But if anybody can, we can And I'll be, I'll be Following you Oh baby I shake you from now on I'm gonna break down your defenses One by one I'm gonna hit you from all sides Lay your fortress open wide Nobody stops this body from Taking you You better beware, I swear I'm gonna be there one day when you fall I could never let you cast aside The greatest love of all (Repeat Chorus)

Жанр: Disco