Chris Martin - Queen Of The Jungle

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Текст песни:

Oh the lions called the king of the jungle But what about the lioness his mate While he is sleeping thru the night She is hunting with no light And brings him home his breakfast on a plate No need for her to wear a crown Or it might only slow her down Long live the queen of the jungle Long live the queen of the jungle Without her there could never be a king For every little king to be Starts out in a family And from his mama learns important things So if you're tired of being small And if you plan to grow it all You listen to the queen of the jungle Never hit a bigger cat Never call a rhino fat The less you say the more you have to eat Don't forget to wash your face And keep your paws in your own space And watch for thorns that might get in you feet While the king is surely big and strong and handsome But what about his quick and agile bride While he naps the day away She tends the cubs and helps them play You have to wonder where's his sense of pride While he is shiny teeth and thrown She takes care of things back home Long live the queen of the jungle Long live the queen Jungle queen

Жанр: Classic