Draconian - The Wretched Tide

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Текст песни:

We’re leaving today After dust-ridden shutters close And heartbeats they rush Then to cease in your embrace These scars through-out the night Left no more fighting in us No tears to fill the void In a place even devils fled The wretched tongues Wording their pain onto me Until even tide enters There's no place out of here "For grace to lift me up every molecule Whispered to make peace with this unreality I felt I was slipping downwards Into darkness ...and in darkness I stayed Until sadness closed its eyes" Ships passing in the silvery night, Carrying this vicious, benevolent heart And in sadness we part... In the dark of you, in the dark of me "Release these hearts from the turmoil!" Tired and cold, A tale since eons of old... So elusive this intemperance of escape So much has fallen and is falling still. Into the hands of the ever maddening crowd So we’re leaving today As dust-ridden shutters close To site that glimmer of hope And breathe, if only for awhile These stars that turned the tide Left no more fighting in us No hope to find the dawn In a place even specters dwell "Release these hearts from the turmoil! Only love before they drown..."

Жанр: Death metal